Trainings & Talks

Let's Talk IP


The IPMC is tasked to develop and conduct lectures and trainings to inform, educate and guide the benildean Community about the intellectual Property Rights Policy of the College, and design programs to advocate intellectual property rights in general. (Sec. 7.2.1, IPRP)

Policy Orientation

The IPMC coducts briefings and seminars on the DLS-CSB IPR Policy and IP Guidelines to the academic programs, centers and offices. 

IP Lectures

The IPMC developed IP lecture-training modues and launched the Benilde IP Lecture Series in SY 2017-2018

Customized Talk

From time to time the IPMC is invited by academic programs and offices to give IP talks and briefings.

Current Modules

Based on feedback gathered from focus group discussions and consultations within the community, we developed the following IP lecture modules:

General Topics

  • General Lecture on Intellectual Property


  • Spotting Copyright Issues (For Faculty and Students)
  • Fair Use Fundamentals
  • Copyright Deposit Process

Trademark and Service Marks

  • Brand Protection through Trademark
  • Trademark Information Search
  • Trademark Application Process 

Special Topics

  • Intellectual Property for Startups & Incubation
  • Intellectual Property for Indigenous Peoples: Understanding the IP Rights of Indigenous Peoples to their Heritage and Cultural Expressions
  • Intellectual Property for Student Internship and OJT

Join a lecture

We continue to design new modules for different IP topics. Check our calendar to join any of our upcoming talks and events.