Documenting Intellectual Property

There are many forms in which IP may be expliot. There are many ways in which IP could appear in our transactions. Learn how to incorporate IPR in your agreements

Licence Agreements

Licensing means allowing one party to use the IP of another in exchange of royalty.

Public/Private Documents

IP in private/public document specifies IP rights and responsibilities of parties.

Assignment Agreements

IP may be assigned in whole or in part from one party to another

Current Froms

Based on feedback gathered from focus group discussions and consultations within the community, we developed the following IP forms:

  • Disclosure Form
  • Manifestation Form
  • Student Work Assignment Agreement
  • Confidentiality, Assignment and Non-Solicitation
  • Non-Disclosure
  • Trademark Information Form
  • IP Audt Form
  • Voluntary Participation Release

Not sure?

Not sure on what kind of agreement to make? How to include IP provision? You can send us here a quiry online.