IP Registration

Trademark Registration Process

A mark, to be protected, needs registration. The registration of a mark provides the holder the exclusive right of use and position in a legal case.



How can I register a trademark?

Intellectual Property Office Philippines (IPOPhl) provides step-by-step process on how to register a trademark.


Copyright Registration Process

Although, the creator of a work does not need to register his work, he might need to deposit a copy to the National Library or IPOPhl for proof of ownership



How can I deposit a copy of my work?

Below is the step-by-step process of IPOPhl for copyright deposit:


Patent Registration Process

A patient is a grant given by the Government to inventions that qualify the requirements of a patent. Patent provides the inventor the exclusive right of use and excludes other persons to use the same for a limited period.




How can I aquire patent?

Patent application under IPOPhl can be filed with the Bureau of Patents.