This covers all kinds of intellectual properties under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (RA 8293), and ammendments thereto, other related Philippine laws, international treaties and agreements in which the Philippines is a signatory; all artistic, creative, literary, musical, scientific, technological and innovative undertakings; and all pedagogical scholarly works, research, whether or not covered by a certificate or application for Copyright, Patent, Trademark or any written contract or agreement or any other modes of IP protection, whether for academic or non-academic purposes, provided it utilized College resources

Purpose: It shall protect and secure exclusive rights of scientist, inventors, artists and other creation. IP rights serve the important purpose ensuring that creators will be recognized for their efforts and protected from infringement.

Objective: Secure and protect of the following Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks - protect signs, symbols, logos, word or sounds.
  • Copyright - protects literary scholarly, scientific and artistic works, whether published or unpublished. Copyright protection also extends to computer, programs, multimedia work and databases that are original by reason of the selection, coordination or arrangement of their contents.
  • Patents - protects commercial inventions.
  • Design - protects industrial design such as drawings or computer models.