The programs and services of the IPMC can be grouped into three, namely, IP Education, which includes the implementation of programs and activities that will increase the awareness about the IPR policy and advocate intellectual property rights in general; IP Management, which refers to the effective and efficient administration of the IPR policies, establishing the Benilde IP Portfolio and protecting Benilde's intellectual assets through registration and licensing; and IP Commercialisation, which is creating and supporting opportunities for Benildean authors, creators and innovators to bring their IPs to market and benefit public welfare.

Trainings & Talks

The IPMC develops IP modules and delivers lectures and training for faculty, students and associates. From time to time, subject experts and practitioners are also invited to speak on special areas of IP. Orientation on the IPR Policy and Guidelines may also be required.

IP Review

The College of Saint Benilde engages in various activities and transactions which may result to the creation of Benilde IP, or impact existing Benilde IP, or the IP of third parties. The IPMC drafts and reviews contracts, other legal and business documents, and written communications to ensure compl...

IP Clinic

Benildeans can bring their general inquiries on intellectual property to the IPMC. The IPMC helps evaluate the potential intellectual properties in an ongoing or existing work, and can guide authors, creators and innovators on the legal requirements and procedures for IP registration or commercializ...

IP Audit

The IP Audit begins with an IP Asset Inventory, to develop a baseline data of the intellectual properties owned, used or acquired by the College. The data will support strategic planning and policy development, and align programs and services.

IP Registration

The IPMC is in-charge and is designated as authorized representative of the College in all applications for Trademark registration of institutional brands, Copyright deposit, and other intellectual property registrations of Benilde IP.

IP Protection

The IPMC maintains and manages the Benilde IP Portfolio, and ensures that registered intellectual properties are free from unauthorized use, misuse or infringement. Knowledge of any unauthorized use, misuse or infringement of Benilde IP may be reported to the IPMC for appropriate action.

Technology Transfer & Licensing

The use or appropriation of Benilde IP for any purpose is subject to the formal approval of the College. All activities and transactions of the College as an institution, or of any member of the Benilde Community which impacts on Benilde IP should be consulted with the IPMC