Benildeans will join the 6th DLSU Innovation and Technology (DITECH) Fair on November 22-23, 2018 at Cory Aquino Democratic Space, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, De La Salle University, Manila. 

DITECH is an annual event hosted by DLSU Innovation and Technology Office which showcases technologies developed among La Salle schools/universities. The fair consists of plenary sessions, exhibits, paper presentations, and student business pitching. This year's theme "Green Technologies → Social Impact".

The Benildean exhibitors are:

1. SDA-ID students Therese Michelle Paman and Andreya Ana Louise Lasco (Project: Kamulo, upcycling denim through furniture design),
2. SMIT-IS students Sohankumar Motwani, Anna Alexandra Nery and Mark Christian Yu (Project: Sohan, a smart navigation assistant for the visually impaired), and
3. SDA-ID alumna Selena Placino (Project: Beacon, a highly visible temporary road barrier that uses the sustainable energy and recycled plastic).

Kamulo and Sohan are HiFi Homebrewed finalists, while Beacon is a James Dyson Award national runner up.

The SDA Animation Program will exhibit its latest technology using Oculus Rift, while the Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program of SMIT will showcase a game entitled “Tulak”.

On day 2, SDA Associate Dean of Environment Studies Cluster Ar. Maria Cynthia Funk, and Program Consultant of the Fashion Design and Merchandising program, Ms. Lulu Tan-Gan, will join a panel discussion on "Creative Arts and Technologies towards Social Innovation: The Lasallian Experience".

Benildeans are invited to join the DITECH Fair at DLSU.