What are patentable inventions?

Any technical solution of the problem in any fields of human activity which is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable shall be patented.

What are inventions that cannot be patented?

The Non-Patentable Inventions are the following:

1. Discoveries

2. Scientific Theories

3. Mathematical methods

4. Schemes, rules methods of

  • performing mental acts
  • doing business
  • playing games
  • programs for computers

5. Methods for treatment for human and animal body by surgery or theraphy.

What is the first to file rule?

Patents are territorial in nature, meaning, their protection is limited to the geographical boundary of the country where the Patent is granted. Thus, a Patent should be filed in each country where Patent protection is sought.

What kinds of invention are protected?

A patented invention may be a product or a process that provides a new and inventive way of doing something, or offers a new and inventive technical solution to a problem. The invention can be a piece of equipment or a machine, a manufactured product, a process or method for doing or making something, a chemical composition or compound, or a pharmaceutical. In some countries computer programs and gene sequences are also patentable.