Arch. Gerry Torres

The Benildean is highly creative, intellectually curious, socially aware and emotionally intelligent.

Arch. Gerry Torres
Director, Center for Campus Art

Ar. Gerry Torres, Benilde’s Center for Campus Art (CCA) Director, curates various art exhibits and events at the School of Design and Arts campus in collaboration with students, faculty and industry partners, advancing Benilde in the art and design scene. Ar. Gerry works together with the IPMC for intellectual property guidance for CCA’s programs and events. Here he talks about the vision of the CCA, and the importance of IP to the task at hand.


1. What is the vision of the Center for Campus Art, and what is the value of the Center's work in Benilde?

The vision of the Center for Campus Art is to become the biggest gallery in the country and a destination for those who want to see well designed exhibits on art, design and its related fields. With our three buildings and three coming up this vision is close to becoming a reality.

By designing responses to the shows, the value that the CCA provides is the establishing of platforms that create opportunities for conversation between our students, faculty and the world outside. The exhibits of the CCA are learning experiences that add and enhances the knowledge transfer that happens in the classrooms.


2. How do you practice innovation in the CCA?

Since we began in 2015, the major shows of the CCA feature a student and faculty authored response. The collaboration with the theme produces original content that we can rightfully call Benildean and reflects the educational paradigms that we practice like Learner Centered Education and Design Thinking. The added layer of materials provided by the work from the students and faculty is what makes our shows innovative and unique.


3. Based on your experience in curating exhibits and events in Benilde in collaboration with Benildeans, what are the best traits/strengths of Benildeans that you have observed and commonly stand out during collaborative work?

The Benildean is highly creative, intellectually curious, socially aware and emotionally intelligent.


4. Do you find it important to cultivate intellectual property awareness among Benildeans in relation to advancing campus art? Why?

Absolutely. Since the CCA is the driver in the production of original content, it is imperative that we also advocate IP awareness and encourage its practice among our students and faculty. The knowledge of IP laws and practices will be the Benildeans' edge when they go out in the real world.


5. Other insights you would like to share.

The work of the CCA is just starting to be defined. Ahead we are seeing the Center's possible influence and reach that can go beyond the borders of our College. Our future projects point to further collaboration and interaction with institutions, companies and individuals that can only bode well for the Benilde name, brand and education. We are hoping to see that through the work that we do, the CCA effectively becomes a harbringer of positive change in society and the country.