Atty. Ma. Janice R. Tejano

IP Director

The Director leads the IPMC in administering the College's Intelectual Property Rights Policy. Atty. Tejano provides advice and recommendations to the College through the Chancellor on issues, transactions and activities of the College that have IP implications. The IPMC Director is also the authorized representative of the College in all its official transactions and processes before the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (...

Atty. Ma. Cristina M. Mallari

IP Associate

The IP Associate supports the functions of the IPMC Director and IP Coordinator, including research and formulation of policies and regulations, processing of IP disclosures, collecting and organizing IP data, filing and processing of applications and registrations, and review of contracts. She provides recommendations to the IP Director for the effective execution of the programs of the IPMC.

Mylene P. Gutierrez

IP Coordinator

The IP Coordinator supports the functions of the Director and associate(s). She coordinates and liases with all internal and external stakeholders to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of programs and activities of the IPMC. The IP Coordinator is in-charge of documentation, and facilitates the registration of IPs with the IPOPHl.

Penn Rodrigo D. Bulaqueña

IP Communication and Marketing Specialist

The IP Communication and Marketing Specialist supports the functions of the IPMC Director and Associate(s). He handles successful operation of the website, create effective communication strategies for the office, ensure brand consistency through all marketing channels, identify potential problems and devise ways to rectify them, and generate innovative ideas to promote the office.

How We Started

At the start of SY 2014- 2015, the Office of the President and Chancellor of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde initiated the creation of an office known as the Intellectual Property Management Center (IPMC), with the mandate to develop an institutional intellectual property policy and implementing rules and regulations to guide student, faculty and the different offices of the college dealing with IP-related concers. The Brother President appointed Atty. Ma. Janice Tejano, faculty of the Human Resource Management Program-School of Management and Information Technology (HRMP-SMIT) to take on the role of Director of the IPMC.

On May 26, 2015, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Intellectual Property Rights Policy and IRR (IPRP) wa approved by the Office of the Brother President and was formally launched to the Benilde community with the realease of the IPRP Handbook. The launch was attended by the school administrator and guests from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

Now under the Office of the Chancellor, the IPMC remains as the office in-charge of implementing the provisions of the IPRP and IRR. The IPMC continues to work with the Benilde community in managing the intellectual properties of the College and addressing IP-related concerns of students, faculty and offices.