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The College of Saint Benilde is a home for creators, authors, designers, research scholars, inventors, animators and innovators. Benilde is open to ideas and continuously provides a learning environment that encourages students, faculty and associates to create, innovate and excel in their academic, artistic, creative and other scholarly endeavours.


In an open and collaborative academic community like Benilde, sharing of ideas and finding inspiration in the ideas and works of others are inevitable in the creative and innovative process. Our Intellectual Property Rights Policy guides Benildean authors, creators and innovators in understanding and protecting their own intellectual property rights as they share their original, creative and scholarly work with the community and the public. The policy imparts to Benildeans the individual responsibility to be mindful of the intellectual property rights of others, and iterates our firm commitment to the principles of academic integrity.

Use IP Search Tools And IP Data To Further
Develop Your Ideas And Innovations.

Feature Story

The Benildean is highly creative, intellectually curious, socially aware and emotionally intelligent.

Arch. Gerry Torres
Director, Center for Campus Art

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Prepare for a full day of discussion from some best and brightest
July 15, 2019 · 6th Floor Halle De Rheims, AKIC Campus
November 14, 2018 · SDEAS PEN-Multimedia Laboratory Center

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