One of the general principles of the IP Rights Policy is that DLS-CSB upholds its rights to identify, preserve and protect its intellectual properties particularly those generated with the substantial use of Benilde resources. Benilde resources are to be utilized primarily to advance the College’s mission and objectives.

There are online resources for quick reference and guide for your IP. Whether you are validating some IP laws and policies, you want to know how to register your IP online, you want to search if there is existing IP for your invention, or you just want to site legitimate and reliable resources. Below are some online websites which you can use for your work.


IP and Technology Databases

Global databases make it easy for anyone, to access the wealth of information in the IP system. They are based on our commitment to create an interconnected and inclusive knowledge-sharing IP infrastructure to support innovation worldwide. The Global Dissemination of IP Data Initiative encourages and supports the exchange of IP data among national/regional IP offices.


Search the technology contained in more than 67 million patent documents including international patent applications submitted under the PCT.

Global Brand Database

Search brand information (trademarks, appellations of origin and official emblems) from multiple national and international sources including marks registered through Madrid System.

Madrid Monitor - access up-to-date details on the status of trademarks registered under the Madrid System (trademarks which are currently in force or have expired within the past six months...

Global Design Database

Search industrial design registrations from the Hague System plus participating national collections


Hague Express

Access details of industrial designs registered under the Hague System.