"The DLS-CSB IP Rights Policy mandates the IPMC to "develop, maintain and manage the DLS-CSB Intellectual Assets Inventory and Benilde IP Portfolio, including technology transfer and licensing agreements, and make recommendations for consideration of the Management on matters affecting intellectual property. " (Section 7.2.6)

Why are we conducting an IP Audit?

To Know

  • The kind of IP Benilde is dealing with
  • Who owns the IP created
  • Internal and external assets

To Assess

  • Cost to develop the IP
  • Opportunities for recovering/reducing costs and sustaining the IP
  • Most valueable IP assets i terms of
  • Competitiveness
  • Bottom Line

To Be Aware

  • Any under-utilized IP assets
  • Any threat to our IP (inward/outward infringement, unauthorized use, misuse of IP)
  • Protection measures


To Adopt

  • Proactive measures relevant to the goals of the College: 
    • Curriculum enhancements
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Startups
    • Research and Development
    • Support programs

What IP Assets do we have?

Internal (Readily Identifiable) External (Market Influencer)
  • Student Works/Outputs
  • Work Manuals
  • Copyrightable Materials
  • Trademark
  • Goodwill
  • Licenses 
  • Certifications & Accreditations
  • Affliation

How is IP Audit conducted?

The IP Audit team will contact the office thru email/phone call informing that an IP audit will be conducted within a week. An entry meeting will be scheduled wherein the Audit team will explain how the IP audit template will be accomplished. Two to three more meetings will be set for the Audit Proper where the office and audit team will verify the IP assets of the office. After the audit proper, an exit meeting will be scheduled to explain the result of the template and the observations of the audit team. 

IP Audit Phase I

  School / Dept / Center / Office Entry Meeting Submitted IP Audit Form Evaluation Post Evaluation Meeting Exit Meeting